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A Professional Learning Community Journey


Embark on a Journey of Transformation: Watch Principal Harris's Success Story with VOYAGE Horizons

🌟 Welcome to a Story of Change and Leadership at Maple Grove Elementary

Are you struggling to breathe life into your school's Professional Learning Communities? Do your PLC meetings feel like they're missing a crucial element of effectiveness and purpose? If these challenges resonate with you, then you're not alone. Principal Michael Harris of Maple Grove Elementary stood exactly where you are, facing the daunting task of transforming his PLCs from unproductive gatherings to dynamic, result-oriented sessions.

📽️ Watch the Inspiring Journey of Principal Harris with VOYAGE Horizons

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Key Features of VOYAGE Horizons

Comprehensive. Practical. Empowering. Transformative.

PLC Professional Development

Elevate Your School's PLC Success with Our Tailored Programs

Kickstart your teachers' PLC journey with PLCs in a Flash – our dynamic microlearning sessions designed for swift and effective starts.

Looking for a deeper dive? Embrace VOYAGE Horizons. This comprehensive program navigates you through a meticulous analysis of PLC pitfalls, empowering school leaders with a transformative Meta-PLC strategy to revamp your existing PLCs from the ground up.

No matter where you are on your PLC journey, we've got the perfect professional development blueprint to amplify your school's collaborative growth.

Choose the best fit for your school and champion your PLC evolution today.

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